Dental owners
who feel like they have plateaued and are stuck in burnout and overwhelmed:

Feeling frustrated with your practice, staff, and patients?

Tired of staying in the same place with the same issues of managing and supporting your dental practice?

Do you feel like you are being eaten alive by overhead?

Let’s be honest. If working harder was the answer, you would have already reached your goal

There are more dentists practicing now than ever before.

More corporate dental chains are cutting prices to attract new patients, while spending an outrageous amount on marketing. 

The secret is to outsmart the competition because outspending them will not lead to success.

Most dentists are seeing the challenges of:

All of this leads to a decrease in profit and a decrease opportunity to invest in your practice and yourself.

Let’s focus on having a solid systems in place and amazing care systemization that will allow you to sleep at night and see your practice flourishing.

Imagine an increase in profits, without increasing the demand on yourself.

What if you could ask more from your staff and have them row together instead of against each other.

You know you don’t want to spend more time managing your patients and your practice than you do already, but you also know you want your practice to grow, your production to increase and your patient pool to expand.

You need a solution that builds your profit, practice, and patient base without taking up your precious time.

There’s no lack of issues, problems, and headaches that you face each day.

The Increda-Package is here to assist you to a better outcome

Dr. Curtis All backed by the Increda-guarante

We were being charged 13-14% by the patient financing company we were using. After watching the videos and reviewed the power points we realized there was a better financing company for our patients and for us, saving us 1000s every month

Dr. Thomas All backed by the Increda-guarante

We used ideas from increasing case acceptance and all I can say is WOW! We are providing quality treatment, superior care for our patients, and our practice is thriving.

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    One-on-one profit analysis of your office — We will take a deep dive into what your day to day revenues, KPIs, and actions are for each department and make sure each department is pulling their weight and being accountable for their time, resources, and contributions for the practice $597 value.
    No additional charges to the bonus package!

    More bonuses!!!  Heck yes!

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    Video package $3718 yours for $397

    Plus One-on-One discovery phone call to learn where profits are hiding (need to schedule within 90 days of purchase)

    About Me

    Alicia Best Utah dental coach

    With over 25 years of experience in the dental field, I have learned the ins and outs of what makes a dentist office thrive and many of the pitfalls that impact revenues and patient relationships.

    My husband was in the military and we lived all over the United States from Idaho to Indiana and many states in between.

    I enjoy time with my children and husband, bike rides, swimming, and visiting national parks.

    I love to run in the morning with my dog.

    But lets talk about you!

    I had tried for years to have a stronger practice. When we implemented the ideas on understanding your numbers, we realized where we needed to focus, and my practice has become less stressful and more profitable
    Dr. Stevens
    All backed by the Increda-guarante

    Don’t have enough time: you will save time – yep you heard me.

    Thinking funds are too small to purchase – you will have more cash flow not due to increasing your production but due to having better strategies in place.

    Poor staff- This is perfect time to train them, people will rise to the level of expectations and training.

    What if I don’t act?  You will get the same results you have been getting, the same frustration, and disappointment.  Time to act, and take charge of your future!

    Here is the truth if you want different results you need to do something different  — time to enroll

    Dr. Greg All backed by the Increda-guarante

    We had a giant production increase in our hygiene department. Often, increasing our production by $1500 a day per hygienist. My stress has decreased, and I feel my practice is better than it has ever been.

    Dr. Garza All backed by the Increda-guarante

    Applying this training to our practice has benefited me as a provider, but also my team and our patients. This has given us a better practice, increased patient care, and more profit.

      Risk Free 45 day---Money back guarantee

      You can purchase with confidence knowing that you’re completely protected with a full 45 days to apply systems and strategies, Increase profit, and reduce the stress of your practice. We promise you will see your business in a new light, with better understanding of your business, and steps to move forward to a more successful practice.

      No risk. All upside.